Rwby fanfiction ruby assassin

Rwby fanfiction ruby assassin

The screen shows an overhead view of a large plaza that is filled with hundreds of people, mostly reporters who have been informed that the CEO of Schnee Dust Corporation, Jacque Schnee will be traveling through the plaza soon, via carriage.

【RWBY】 Recording Session feat. White Rose 【手描きMAD】

From the snowy buildings and advanced technology, James can tell that the plaza is somewhere in Atlas, although he doesn't recognize it. A moment later, a fancy carriage can be seen driving through the plaza while being surrounded by SDC Security. It's not uncommon to see so much security surrounding Jacque Schnee, seeing as the White Fang have been attacking the SDC a lot more as of late.

From inside his expensive and heavily defended carriage, the head of the Schnee Dust Company smirks as he looks out the window, watching as hundreds of people push against his line of security guards to get a word in.

The worst of them are the reporters who are trying their best to get a word from him, but failing as he remains seated, waiting for his carriage to drive through the plaza so he can return to his mansion. As Jacque relishes in the attention, nobody notices a hooded figure standing in the shadows of a building on the outskirts of the crowd. Said figure watches as his target's carriage drives through the path that the security guards made to separate the crowds of people.

Most wouldn't give the hooded figure much attention, unless they are to recognize the odd white robes he adorns. After all, dozens of corrupt politicians have found themselves assassinated by the hands of someone wearing the exact same white robes. Images and videos of the Assassin has been shown on the news so most people know the person by seeing their robes. Mercury perks up when he hears the word 'Assassin'.

Being trained and beaten by his father to learn the skills of an Assassin, Mercury is curious to see how this universe's version of Jaune pans out as an Assasin. From what he can tell after watching the other universes and possible future, he doubts he'll be disappointed. I thought the blue crystals are universes in which he isn't a villain? Roman covers his mouth with his hand to hold back his laughter.

Crazy thinks there's such a thing as a good Assassin" he chuckled with Neo silently copying him. Weiss flinches, realizing that her father is likely the target of Jaune. She feels slightly guilty, due to not knowing how she should actually feel about this. Jaune isn't the only one who's set on ending the life of Jacque Schnee, but he'll have to disappoint the White Fang by getting to him first.

Being a member of the Brotherhood, Jaune kills those who are evil and corrupt and Jacque Schnee fits the criteria, perfectly. With his eyes set on his target, Jaune steps out of the shadows and walks into the crowd of people who make a path for him when he gets too close to them.It was a cold winter in Remnant, as the vast expanse of forest behind her was covered in white snow.

It was peaceful, and that was how Ruby wanted it.

rwby fanfiction ruby assassin

She only wanted to pay her respects to the mom she never got to know. She cared not for the biting cold, she only wanted this time under the full moon to spend time alone with her and Summer.

Ruby turned to leave; she would talk another time. She began to take a walk through the snow-covered forest. It was calm and quiet. Too quiet. She sensed something dark. Something with killing intent and hatred for all things human. As she reached the clearing, her suspicions were confirmed. Standing in front of her were a pack of Beowolves, ready to strike and tear her to pieces, with their blood-red fangs and eyes looking like they could almost drip into the snow.

Ruby only stood there ready, and as the first creatures came forth to strike, she was gone in a cloud of rose petals, and leapt in the air, with her silver eyes shining with a determination and calm like that of the Huntsmen she longed to fight alongside with. It was her turn to strike. She quickly unholstered her weapon, and aimed. A perfect shot cut through the Beowolf's head, causing more to come forward.

Ruby landed, before flipping up over another Grimm, shooting down and killing it.

Then, bringing her weapon forward, she shot down another Grimm, and quickly burst a shot to her right, where another Beowolf nearly hit her. Crescent Rose was ready to lock and chop. A single Beowolf came forth, and Ruby brought down her weapon, just so the blade hung behind the neck.

The wolf-like being growled at her, and she could almost catch the horrid stench of its breath. Imagine burning ash mixed with rotting flesh.

Ruby only smirked at the Beowolf, before pulling the trigger, the recoil pushing the blade through the Grimm's abdomen.

More Beowolves came charging, and Ruby was prepared. She cocked Crescent Rose and aimed. Beowolves were soon being cut down like corn at the harvest, each falling one after another. One Beowolf made it to her and swiped at her, hoping to take her down, but she just jumped and took a shot, pushing her back from the recoil.

Next Ruby balanced herself on Crescent Rose's hilt, as more wolves came from the forest. One pounced, but she dodged, with her hand still on the trigger, and fired, hitting one wolf, and kicking down the other. The other came at her, but she began to twirl her weapon like ANY year old girl could with grace and deadliness, slicing down one Grimm, before cutting another behind her in half, then spinning her blade through another in front of her, and just catching a Beowolf by its neck, before firing down, decapitating it.

Two more Grimm charged, but Ruby caught one by the stomach, then firing, cutting down the first, and shooting down the second behind it.Story Author Community Forum. Halo Fallout Red vs. Blue Kingdom Hearts Harry Potter Kamen Rider Warhammer Destiny Star Wars Fairy Tail X-overs Bleach Dragon Ball Z Bloodborne Dark Souls JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Persona Series Elder Scroll series Spider-Man Devil May Cry BlazBlue Undertale One Piece Legend of Zelda Sonic the Hedgehog Anime X-overs Ben 10 Percy Jackson and the Olympians Warframe Assassin's Creed Titanfall While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words This story mainly revolves around the My Hero Academia Characters, so if you're intimidated by the amount of different Fandoms this story envolves, don't be. They are mainly used in the MHA world and their universes and characteristics will be explained. Izuku is as much of an outsider to this world as you are.

Welcome to the Guiding Lands, the place between mind and matter, dream and reality and the gate to countless Multiverses. In this land in the middle of all which exists everyone lives one singular person, the Meddler, forever destined to meddle in the business of every Dimenion in order to keep them from destroying themselves and eachother. Although the Meddler thinks he as seen everything there is to see in existence, there is still one young quirkless child which manages to impress him.

Impress him enough, that is, for him to be willing to give the child a place in his world. That childs name? Izuku Midoriya, our protagonist, who is about to experience a reality far crazier than the world he has gotten to know. Together with an unexpected group of friends, this young boy will become not a Symbol of Peace to the World, but to the Whole Multiverse When Clover finds him relapsed in an alley in Mantle he soon finds the reason is worse then just escaping a fight.

Dealing with the aftermath, Clover finds that Qrow is more important to his gaggle of children then everyone had thought, with a promise to protect them in Qrow's place until Qrow wakes up. Diverging at the start of volume 4, Jaune reforges Pyrrha's weapons into a massive sword.

He seeks revenge against the one who killed her, even if it costs him his life. With a different semblance, Limit Break, he will be the one to slay Cinder. FF7 Elements. Many people had imaginary friends growing up, it just so happened that ruby's were a tad more Aka sarge, caboose and wash are trapped in the mind of a fifteen year old.

From a different universe. Filled with monsters, magic and dust.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus includes. Cancel Apply Para salvarla. When they recieved a package from another universe, the girls decided to play one of the most popular games ever: Assassin's Creed II. He is found nearly dead by Ozpin two months prior to season one. He must overcome the Templars and the White Fang, find what makes Xiao Long special to him, and control the fight within himself.

Alive in the world of Remnant, they lead new lives as combat students at Beacon. However as evil forces draw close, they must rely once more on the Assassin in each of them to protect the freedom of all. The War for the Remnant by The SteelNerfer reviews Countless millennia ago, humanity and faunus broke free from the enslavement of the Precursors on Remnant.

When they took their freedom, they discovered the reason the Precursors were there: a material called "Dust.

But one day, 6 years ago, my mother, the great Ruby Rose, was murdered. Leaving my home, I roam Remnent searching for her killer.

But after finding some strange cloaks in her wardrobe, I will enter a new stage at life. We work in the dark to serve the light.

rwby fanfiction ruby assassin

I am an Assassin. Beacon's Hidden Creed by gajeel-of-iron reviews Beacon. A prestigious combat school to train huntsmen and huntresses, humanity's champions against the Grimm. But something else is taught in this school, something that teaches some of the students to work in the dark.

Ruby's sexual orientation- serious discussion

Stained Blades by Dalan reviews After a nearly botched assassination attempt, Amaranth, a talented assassin, is given to Beacon Academy, both for it's protection and for his.

But as the headmaster and his associates realize their enemies are far closer than believed, Amaranth must fight on all sides, with the help of a few friends and a very convenient artifact. Jaune Gets Replaced! Latest replacement: Malik Al-Sayf! However more problems begin to arise. Templars are becoming more active, wyverns are attempting to display their dominance, and the 12th disciple's powers are stronger than before. Will Kai become the Guardian in time to save Remnant, or will all of Remnant fall to the events of Ragnorak?

That's when an old man with unusual powers met him in a dusty old tavern, and his life would change forever. Before he knew it, he was in the world of Remnant, a land of monsters, flying ships and warriors.

rwby fanfiction ruby assassin

Or he would be, if the Templar's hadn't found the Assassin camp in Grimm territory, steamrolled it, and obliterated the Assassin order. Now all Ronac can do is put himself back together and try to continue his fathers work as Assassin.

But how? Slow upload time. Defender of the People by The Wyandotte reviews Ruby is an assassin, trying to redeem herself after a failure on an important mission.She leaned to the side slightly, looking over the shoulder of a man she was standing beside.

She had slipped into this small mingling crowd a couple minutes ago and they never seemed to have noticed the extra hooded body standing between two friends. A common cry in this day and age, she saw as someone in red took off down the street with the shop keeper running out to the middle, waving his arms in the air and shouting.

Blake sighed as she stepped away from the crowd and started sprinting after the thief. When the thief heard the sound of footsteps that had the same pace as her, she immediately dashed forward, turning to an alley before she jumped onto a pile of crates, the red cloaked girl securely tied the small sack onto her belt.

She didn't need to look back to know that she was being pursued. She ran up against the wall as high as she could then pushed off the wall to get hold of a metal bar from the opposite building. There was no time to check on who was chasing her, the sooner she gets out of the open, the sooner she could go home.

A small grunt escaped her lips as she lifted herself up then climbed up the wall, using the window sills as leverage. Blake frowned as she slowed her pace, watching the one on the hood slowly climb her way up the building with ease, years of experience evident on the thief's movements.

Without much of a second thought she kicked off the wall herself reaching out to grab the lip of a window before pushing herself up before starting the a pattern that was familiar to her as well. She got onto the rooftops, pushing her hood back at the same time, she was around here somewhere. She turned back to see that the person that had been chasing her had followed her even up the roofs. Ruby frowned and jumped to the next building.

rwby fanfiction ruby assassin

She needed to get as much distance between them or else they cut off her hand. And she really needed her hand, for writing of course and holding things, like the apples she stole. The cloaked girl ran across a rope line between houses, her arms held out at her sides to keep balance. Somehow she ended up in a neighborhood that was very vague to her. She'd been here, but not as much to memorize the area.

It didn't matter anyway, she needed to get away. If luck was on her side, her pursuer might not know the area as well. She didn't stop moving as she kept looking around, eventually spotting the red cloak a couple rooftops over.

Quickly she broke back out into a sprint, jumping over the gap between houses and rolling through an open window excusing herself to the startled inhabitants before sprinting across and out the window on the other side and scaling up the side of the building. Ruby jumped down, bending her knees slightly bent as she prepared for impact.

As soon as her feet hit the ground she bent her knees completely, right arm going to her side her shoulder jerked forward as she performed a shoulder roll to prevent any injuries as much as possible and without wasting any time, climbed up the closest building. This was bad, the person seemed to be experienced at this kind of thing, but she was faster, she could probably lose her with speed. She forced her legs to run faster, for months she hasn't been caught and today is not going to be the day she would be.

She skittered to a stop upon seeing a guard up on the roof. Cursing under her breath Ruby climbed back down just as the arrow flew. Upon reaching the ground she looked around for any way out, which was back to the streets.This is my own salute to Monty Oum, but I don't intend for this to be a wimpy one-shot no offense.

This will be a somewhat long story. Both of you! Small girl, red hooded clock? I surveyed the scene around me: Bodies were strewn around the street, blood soaking into the ground, and limbs lying haphazardly. The moon watched from above, not safely, though. The last of the team of dismembered and brutally murdered Huntsman was lying in front of me, crying.

He was wearing armor, but it was in shreds after being attacked. He and his team were patrolling this abandoned area of Vale when I dropped behind them. The first died from a bullet in the throat. The second was sliced in half, after trying desperately to fend her off. The third bled out after I chopped off all of his limbs. The fourth lying on the ground in front of me. One of his legs was still there, along with an arm. His other arm was cut away below the shoulder, and the other leg just under the knee.

You wouldn't kill me! I was in my second to last year when you arrived. You were too good! Please don't kill me! Crescent Rose came down, ripping apart his chest. The last thing I did was take out a stamp-like contraption, but with blades in place of the edges.

I cleaned Crescent Rose on the clothes of the dead Hunters, then turned away. Blood caked my clothes and skin, but I didn't care. I had finally started to get my revenge on those who pushed me out over a year ago. I turned, starting the long walk back to the building that was currently the headquarters of she who had things to hide: Cinder Fall.

It took thirty minutes, but I got back to the almost drab-looking building. Inside, it looked unremarkable at first too. But then you look around, see shipping containers of Dust, Paladins shifting cargo off of Bullheads, and White Fang members guarding the place.

On the other side, the building was divided into living places. Ruby was covered head-to-toe in blood, but her scythe, Crescent Rose, was spotless.

She came one year ago. No longer wanting to be a Huntress, actually vehemently opposed to the idea, she joined my faction, and quickly became one of it's most powerful members. No one knew what happened to her there, but she came to us. She was a weapon, and needed to be controlled. I craved control. The White Fang members gulped nervously, and turned away.