Jijamata images

Jijamata images

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Veermata Jijabai (Jijau) of Shivaji: Inspiration for Hindus / Girls

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राजमाता जिजाऊ : शिवबांना छत्रपती शिवाजी महाराज म्हणून घडविणारी एक धैर्यवान माता…

BA NA B. BSc 4 K. Tech 40 K BCA Jijabai was the mother of Shivaji, the legendary Maratha king and warrior who stood strong against the rivaling Mughal Empire. Jijabai was born in in the town of Sindhkhed in Maharashtra. Her father served the NizamShahi of Ahmednagar and was proud of his high position and status. Although the couple led a happily married life, there was an enmity that brewed amongst the family members.

This led to a growing ill-feeling relationship between Shahaji and his father-in-law Jadhav that tore Jijabai apart, having to choose her loyalty between her husband and her father. Her father eventually left the kingdom to join forces with the Mughals of Delhi, against the Nizamshahi and revenge against Shahaji.

Jijabai remained with her husband at the Fort of Shivneri, devotedly standing by his side; however, she was disappointed with the fact that both he and her father served under other rulers, while she longed for freedom under a kingdom founded by the Marathas themselves. Together they had eight children, of whom six were daughters and two were sons, Shivaji being one of them. Praying earnestly to the gods for a son who would become an independent ruler of the Maratha clan, her prayer was answered and Shivaji grew up to become the founder of the Maratha Empire.

Jijabai was known to be an influential and determined woman who was an embodiment of self-respect and virtue.

Victoria Gardens (Jijamata Udyan), Mumbai: Address, Victoria Gardens (Jijamata Udyan) Reviews: 3/5

Famed for her fore-sight, Jijabai was herself an able warrior and administrator. She passed down her quality traits to the growing Shivaji, and instilled within him a sense of duty, courage and fortitude to overcome any hardship arising. Under her guidance and care, Shivaji developed within him a human touch that saw him harbor a great respect for all women, religious tolerance, and justice, along with the love for his country, his religion and his quest for freedom of Maharashtra.

Shivaji owes his greatness to the inspiration of his mother who dedicated her life to bringing up her son to become one of the greatest rulers of the Maratha Empire. In however, Shivaji left for Agra, leaving Jijabai to manage the affairs of the state. The death of her husband brought her great sorrow. Her death brought great sorrow to the entire kingdom and more on Shivaji who mourned so deeply.

jijamata images

Today, the region of Raigadh is regarded sacred, and its several statues of the Mother Jija with the boy Shivaji, makes it reminiscent of the maternal bonding between two great inspirational figures of Indian history. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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jijamata images

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Best nearby. Baan Tao. Barbeque Nation. Exotica Pune.Jijamata Udyan Zoo is home to many animals including deer, elephants, hippo, blue bull and many more. You will get to see crocodiles, pythons in the zoo.

Walking through the zoo to view all animal exhibits, you will be shaded by huge trees. Being a botanical garden, you will be able to see a wide variety of plants and trees here.

Carry food if you are taking kids with you. Also remember to carry a water bottle with you. Love this? Explore the entire list of places to visit in Mumbai before you plan your trip.

Fancy a good night's sleep after a tiring day? Check out where to stay in Mumbai and book an accommodation of your choice. Went today Mar 11, Decent trip. Closest station on Western using Maps - Mahalaxmi. Cross over and u reach Zoo on Byculla East.

Swarajya Janani Jijamata MAKE UP VIDEO - जिजाबाई तयार होताना - Behind The Scenes Of Jijamata

Opens at 9am. Could see 3 large 1 baby hippopotamus, many different kind of birds, deers antelopesambar, 2 elephants, blue bull, python. All in all a decent trip. Dont carry food items. Use water bottles not bottled water Bisleri etc. Later went to Museum - Varied handicraft and ancient artefacts worth watching. Is the zoo opened on Thursday, I am not sure, but I guess the walk inside Jijamata Udyan is 1.

You can confirm by asking the locals around. Pay and park facility is available at the Jijamata Udyan Zoo. You can also park outside the zoo, on the road, provided there is space available.Shivji win just because of the misunderstaing between two groups of muslims.

Otherwise there were not a single hindu who can overcome to Muslims Occupation which lasted more than years in Hindustan. One is an idiot if he thinks that there is no hindu who can overtake muslims.

It is just the goodness of our people which was wrongly utilised by the thieves of foreign origin. I wish all the indian kings threw those muslim kings out of our country.

Yes, I agree with you They should have killed those dumb muslim kings Those idiots damaged all our history. No doubt, Mata Jijabai hated the muslim rulers but she alone could not do anything. Her ambitions and dreams became true when Shivaji was born and she brought up that small boy according to her own wishes and plannings. God is great. God himself comes to this earth when the unhumanity, cruelty and tyranny increases in volume and its end is sure.

In today's world Mahatma Gandi and Anna Hazare etc. So the bravery and courage of Shivaji was not a result of ordinary circumstances and sufferings. The great planning and guidance of Mata Jijabai had pushed Shivaji in the right direction. The aims were true and selfless. The people could also realize the strength of unity, hence they cooperated and were ready to give up comforts and riches.

Now also we are living in a country where mis-governance and rampant corruption has pushed the nation to the nadir. And now the only way India will go is up. The upward movement of our country has started with Baba Ramdev taking the leading role. Jai Hind Yes, I agree. Vande Maataram Why are you trying to destroy Hindu Muslim unity Jai hind.

Please folk be clear with the concept that veermata jijau and my shivaji maharaj were the haters of the Muslims. Infact shivaji maharaj had Muslim ministers in his army. N they both fought against the rulers who supressed the people. Jai bhavani jai shivaji. Nice anybody can buy Mata Jijabai books online visit shimply.Hindu girls should be taught about our historical Hindu mothers and women who shaped the existence of Hindu Kingdom and Hindus in India especially under rules of mlecchas — mughals, british alike.

The willful resistance against mughals especially by Vidyavati, Haramani devi, Rani Laxmibai and Jijabai were the founding stones for the Hindu women who then got inspired and nurtured Hindu Lions in their children for the sustenance of Hinduism and Vedic culture. We Hindus should be grateful to such mothers who not only helped us save our great Sanatan Dharma but also paved the path to follow on how to make our children proud of Hindu Dharma — the beginning and end of all panths, religions in the world since millions of years.

After years of penance and Bhakti of Maa Bhavani, Jijabai Bhosle was blessed with a son Shivaji on February 19, in the fort of Shivneri, near the city of Junnar of the Pune district.

The shape, durability and quality of a pot are entirely dependent on the skill and the creativity of the potter. Likewise Chatrapati Shivaji Raje was entirely nurtured by mother Jijamata to fight the enemies who were obstructing the Establishment of Hindavi Swarajya.

Jijau was born to Mhakasabai and Lakhoji Jadhav in Sindkhed territory. As she grew up, the sufferings of Hindus under the Mughal rule was perceived by her. At the tiny age when girls play with dolls Jijau immersed in learning sword fighting. The situation in the country was to provide services to Mughal Rulers, to become local commanding officers under Mughals the actual enemy, praise them and loot own people for them. Hindu women were being assaulted by Muslims and auctioned- like muslims of today carrying love jihad and forcibly converting Hindu women.

Society had become a mute spectator. Farmers were working on empty stomachs, only for Mughals.

jijamata images

Jijau was searching for a person who could fight this injustice. Jijau was married to Sahaji Raje Bhosale in the year After marrying Shahaji Raje, Jijau could sense her husband being undervalued by rulers like Mughals, Adilshah, and Nijamshah etc.

She realised that even though her husband was powerful but had no recognition, security and was not beneficial to the community. Jijau might be the only woman in the recent history of mankind who decided the purpose of her child even before he was born. These historical stories convinced Shivaji Raje that freedom is the only path and is the only purpose of his life.

Jijau also taught politics to her son Shivaji Raje and prepared his mindset for justice of equality, courage, valor and hardest punishments to unjust people doing wrong things. She personally supervised his training with various weapons.Lakhojiraje Yadav was a Yadava, traditionally the rules of Devgiri. So, Jijau was actually the princess of Devgiri. This was something that irked Jijau. In a state where Brahmins and Kshatriyas had discarded Dharma righteousness and valour, nothing much could be expected of the others!

Jijau wold seeth with fury at the manner in which the Hindus were being treated by the invaders. Thus, right from the childhood, she developed an intense hatred towards the invaders who had used every ploy to humiliate Hindus. Thereafter, she lived in Pune. Once, when all the Maratha sardars had come together, an elephant belonging to Khandagle suddenly became violent and went on a rampage. In the ensuing chaos, the Sardars used weapons which wounded the elephant. Unfortunately, this led to a misunderstanding between the Bhosales and the Jadhavs who took up arms against each other.

Petty hostilities between the Maratha sardars flared up. Jijau and Shahaji had to witness their near and dear ones die. They earnestly wanted both the families to forgo bitterness of the past and rise above personal ego; put an end to the hostility between the two families and fight the foreign invaders and establish Hindu Kingdom. But the egoistic Maratha Sardars were hardly convinced by the noble thoughts. The Nizam had sent Lakhojiraje along with his army to Junnar to capture Shahajiraje.

As Jijau was pregnant, it was not possible for her to travel to Pune on horseback. So, Shahjiraje placed Jijau under the care of Vishwasrao and Vaidhyaraj Nirgudkar a doctor in the Shivneri fort, and proceeded to Pune. Meanwhile Lakhojiraje reached Junnar and met his daughter at Shivneri fort after many years.

If their valorous swords unite, foreign invaders will be vanquished in no time. Her earnest thought compelled Lakhojiraje to introspect. When he met Shahajiraje at the foothills of Shivneri, Lakhojiraje was pacified and that put an end to the hostility between Jadhavs and Bhosales forever. Mahabat Khan, a Mughal general, abducted Godavaribai in broad daylight.